Shaping the future of employement

At Workskills, we have made it our mission to support professional trajectory of each student to help them discover their passion, get them upskilled and help them land their dream job.

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About Us

We're building college 2.0


Skills over CGPA

Hardwork & skillset eats talent, cgpas & degrees for breakfast.


Projects over Courses

You can't learn swimming by watching tutorials & videos. You learn by doing.


Professionals over Professors

Tech should only be learnt from the people actually working in the industry.


Internships over Labs

Real learning happens on ground working on real problems with real people.


Investment over Loans

Best institutes invests in their students, not get them in debts.


Community over Competition

A group can achieve things that exceeds capacity of an individual by leaps.

People behind Workskills

We are a passionate team of lifelong learners with a shared vision of disrupting the broken education and empowering students of tomorrow.

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Rahul Gupta

Product Manager
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Aditya Agarwal

Product Development
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Sneha Gupta

Advisor & Mentor
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Eshan Tiwari

Data Analytics
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Ishaan Das

UI-UX Designer
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Bhavya Walecha

Project Management
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Jaya Singh

Business Development
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Karan Soni

Branding & Marketing
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